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Profitability Problem

Optimizing in real-time for future LTV is difficult

Lifetime Value (LTV)
Mature Player
New Player

It's easy to acquire FTDs,
but hard to deliver ROI.

Most advertisers are acquiring new players toward a flat "Cost per FTD" (First-Time Depositor). In practice, this approach treats all players as if they are valued the same, when in reality, only a small cohort of players drives the majority of total value. It's easy to grow new player metrics with big marketing budgets and oversized offers, but allocating marketing and promotional dollars proportionately to the advertising channels, audiences, and ad creatives that are delivering the highest profitability remains a challenge.

Introducing the

Worthy Solution


Improve Profitability with Actionable Optimizations

With Worthy Opportunties, advertisers receive high-value optimization recommendations helping them improve profitability.

Find the best allocation
of your marketing dollars


Improve Conversion with Personalized Player Journeys

With Worthy Journey, peronalize and optimize your new player journeys to improve player LTV and advertising ROI.
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How It Works


Data Ingestion

Worthy receives a real-time feed of user interactions via API from your existing analytics platform. This allows Worthy to instantly integrate your data without any developer while ensuring no PII is exposed.


Initial Training

Once the datastream is opened, Worthy begins training a model on your data and begins to associate early usage patterns with matured lifetime value.


Live Scoring

Once Worthy has developed a reliable model, it uses a scoring system to identify high-value opportunties.


Continuous Learning

As new data flows through the system, the predictive models become increasingly accurate and enable Worthy to develop increasingly powerful optimization recommendations.

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Worthy Dashboard

Use the Worthy dashboard to monitor performance, see your true marketing ROI and understand the behavioral differences between high and low value users.


Understand the user attributes that are most heavily associated with differences in lifetime value.

Signal Accuracy

Evaluate how often the signal fires for true valuable users and how often it fires for false positives.


Predict the true ROI of your marketing campaigns in real-time, allowing you to shift budget.

Cohort Maturity Curve

Understand how long it takes new users to mature
into valuable users.


Track the number of successful Worthy predictions


Monitor the performance of your optimization tests and get notified when a test has hit statistical significance.

Case Studies

Learn how Worthy can improve your ROI.

Worthy for Gaming

New depositors are worth a wide range of values, so stop optimizing for a flat cost per first deposit and start optimizing for lifetime value. Worthy enables gaming advertisers to identify future high value players and increase bids, while reducing the bids on players with lower monetization propensity.

Decreased cost per valuable first-time depositor by


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Worthy for Subscribers

Most subscription advertisers optimize toward free trials, wasting a significant portion of budget on trials that never convert. Don't train the algorithm to seek out low value trials. Use Worthy to optimize directly for subscription revenue.

Decreased cost per subscriber by


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